Wave 6
- 3 Scorcher
- 6 Melter

Wave 7
- 10 Melter

Wave 8
- 13 Melter

Wave 9
HINT: Destroy the 6 Infernal first. This will turn off the Devourer’s Insta-Shield

- 6 Infernal
- 1 Devourer (Insta-Sheild) – hits about 2K

Wave 3
- 5 Infernal
- 7 Scorcher

HINT: The map that you are on changes 3 times during this Galaxy Gate. You essentially get "closer" to the exploding planet each time the map changes.


First Zeta Map

Wave 1
- 10 Infernal – hits about 5K

HINT: Devourer is very big and very slow. It only hits with 2K damage. The Infernals stay on the opposite side of the Devourer from where you ship is located so you have to circle the Devourer to destroy the Infernals.

Wave 10 
HINT: Destroy all the smaller aliens first. This will turn off the Devourer’s Insta-Shield .

HINT: This is the only wave I needed to run and repair. I used 3 battle bots to speed up the repair process but they were not really needed.

a) 2 Infernal
b) 10 Scorcher
c) 2 Streuner, 2 StreuneR, 2 Boss Streuner, 2 UberStreuner, 2 UberStreuneR
d) 3 Lordakia, 3 Boss Lordakia, 3 UberLordakia
e) 3 Saimon, 3 Boss Saimon, 3 UberSaimon
f) 3 Sibelonit, 3 Boss Sibelonit, 3 UberSibelonit
g) 3 Kristallin, 3 Boss Kristallin, 3 UberKristallin
- 1 Devourer (Insta-Sheild)

After you have completed the gate you will not see the portals for EXIT and reward, so you will receive direct rewards as you destroyed the last NPC!  In a few seconds you will be returned to the 3-1 base.

You got 200,000 points of honor.
You got 6 million experience points.
You received 50 log files.
You get 35,000 Uridium.
You get 25,000 laser ammunition UCB-100 type (x4 AMMO)
Booty key - 25

I also won 1 Havoc Design for my Iris.

I received in TOTAL the following (these are the rewards for the NPC kills and I collected and sold all the cargo, plus the reward for the successful completion of the GG):
13,316,401 EP
245,438 Honor
27,298,799 Credits
48,272 Uridium

576 Xenomit in refining the cargo I collected
33,835 rounds of laser ammo (x4 and x3)
1,323 PLT-2021 rockets
Unknown number of UBR rockets -- around 1,100

I ended up with the following total cargo from the NPC's (after it was refined). I am pretty sure I collected all the cargo.
0 Prometium
80 Endurium
0 Terbium
106 Prometid
1 Duranium
1836 Promerium
386 Seprom


It took me 52 minutes with PET in Auto Looter mode to complete this gate.

Galaxy Gate Extra Energy Spins

It took me, on average, 2,000 galaxy gate extra energy spins to complete the Kappa Gate.


Second Zeta Map

Zeta Galaxy Gate

Using PET in Guard Mode


Before you start any Galaxy Gate please read the GENERAL INFORMATION on how to successfully complete a galaxy gate. 

Use the following 2 configurations for the entire gate.

1. Speed 
Ship:  15 G3N-7900 Speed Engines, 15 LF3 lasers.
Drones:  4 LF3 lasers, 12 BO2 Shields 
If you have the Apis and/or Zeus Drones – Add 2 BO’s on Apis and 2 FE3’s on Zeus.
Pet in Guard Mode

2. Slow Tank
Ship:  7 G3N-7900 Speed Engines, 8 BO2 Shields, 15 LF3 lasers.
Drones:  16 BO2 Shields 
If you have the Apis and/or Zeus Drones – Add 2 BO’s on Apis and 2 FE3’s on Zeus.
Pet in Guard Mode

Wave 2
- 9 Infernal
- 3 Scorcher – hits about 6K

Zeta Gate

Wave 4
- 9 Scorcher

Wave 5
- 8 Scorcher
- 2 Melter – hits about 10K, need at least 6 speed gens to barely outrun it


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