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Purpose Of This Website

The purpose of this website is to help pilots maximize their playing experience. Dark Orbit is a complex game with many intricate facets that one needs to master in order to successfully play the game. This website offers HINTS to help pilots get the most out of their gaming experience. It is one of many ways the SUP clans have developed to help each player get the most out of their their piloting potential.

This website assumes you have played the game and mastered its basic components. I hope to give you HINTS into some of the "harder to find" aspects of the game. If you can add to our list of hints, please write them up and send them to me. My email address is at the top of each website page.

Please also realize that Dark Orbit changes often (the Universe is always evoloving). Some of the information and screen shots contained in this website are a bit out of date - and I am currently only "visiting" the game from time to time.

Good Hunting!


Dark Orbits Hints

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