HINT: When you are ready to start that gate (when you have enough lasers, rockets, Seprom, etc.), you mouse click on the green button that says, "Prepare jump." A jump portal will be built next to the 3-1 base. You enter the portal just like a regular portal, by pressing the "J" key. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ENOUGH AMMO and SEPROM TO FINISH THE GATE!

HINT: Once you start the Galaxy Gate, you have three lives to finish it. You can buy, for a limited time, additional lives. The button to the left of "prepare jump" turns green and tells you how much, in Uridium, the next life will cost. To purchase 1 additional life (3 free lives plus one additional life will give you 4 total lives) costs 10,000 Uridium. The 2nd additional life is 20,000 Uridium, the 3rd additional life is 40,000 Uridium. I'm guessing that the 4th additional life is 80,000 Uridium, etc.

HINT: The first time I did a gate, the Alpha Gate, I got killed on wave 3 and 7 because I really didn't know what I was doing. I have not been killed in any other gates since then, and I have done them all at least once the "hard way" -- without using the PET Kamikaze.

HINT: If you want to build pieces of the Alpha, Beta or Gamma gate, make sure to highlight one of those gate buttons in the bright pink circle above. For example, in the photo above the Alpha Gate button is highlighted so I am building the Alpha, Beta and Gamma gates ONLY!

HINT: If you want to build pieces of the Delta gate, you highlight the Delta gate button circled in light green. If you want to build pieces of the Epsilon gate, you highlight the Epsilon gate button inside the orange circle, and the same to build pieces of the Zeta gate.

HINT: At the top center, to the right of the words "ALPHA GATE" is a box with a percentage sign in it. Mouse click this box and a drop-down box will tell you the percentage probability of getting a gate part, an ammo part, etc. Mouse click on the question make and you will get some HELP.

When a gate is finished it will look like the following:

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How to Build a Galaxy Gate

You will construct Galaxy Gates by collecting boxes. Some of the boxes contain "extra energy" for the Galaxy gate Generator. Any extra energy that you collected will show up in the blue circle below (which currently shows ZERO extra energy). You use the extra energy by mouse clicking the bold green Energy button (circled in very light pink below).

HINT: If you want to speed up the building of a Galaxy Gate you can buy extra energy (called "spins") for 100 Uridium each (or 95 Uridium if you are a Premium member). EVEN CHEAPER - if you are buying galaxy gate spins using Uri and "real money" - consider buying the "Rebate Advantage Package" which will give you an additional 25% discount on all Uridium purchases. This reduces your 100 Uridium cost per spin by 30% (5% premium member discount PLUS 25% Rebate discount). The cost per spin is then "only" 70 Uridium.

HINT: Also remember that if you are buying galaxy gate spins, you usually WIN Uridium as part of the successful completion of the galaxy gate. If you save this Uridium you can use it to help offset the cost of completing the next galaxy gate.

HINT: You can buy single "spins" or 5, 10 or 100 spins at a time. To purchase additional spins at a time mouse click on the single down orange triangle (in orange circle below). In my illustration 5 energy boosts (or spins) will cost 475 Uridium (I am a Premium member).

HINT: When you spin, sometimes you "win" a piece of the gate that you already have. When that happens you get a "multiplier." I currently have 3 extra multipliers (see x3 in the yellow circles). If I want to use them on the next spin, I mouse click the activation multiplier inside the purple circle pointed to by the yellow arrow (mouse click inside the blue box). What ever I "win" I will get 3 times that amount - hopefully it will be a gate part -- but it might be something else also. The multiplier will go up to 6, then it is automatically activated on the next spin.

HINT: The double down orange arrow points (also circled in yellow) opens up the "door" so you can actually see the extra energy being used.

Galaxy Gate Building Information