Alpha, Beta and Gamma GG - with a PET Kamikaze

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Completing Galaxy Gates Alpha, Beta and Gamma using your PET in Kamikaze Mode

NOTE: I have not done the Gamma Gate yet with a PET.

Before You Start

Before you start any Galaxy Gate please read the GENERAL INFORMATION on how to successfully complete a galaxy gate. 

PET – set it up to Kamikaze. Remove everything except 1 laser (weakest laser there is) and the strongest level Kamikaze you can afford. I use the Level 3 Kamikaze that hits at 75K damage. Practice on other aliens with your Kamikaze before attempting a Galaxy Gate so you know how it works.

Ship Configurations for all rounds:

Configuration # 1 – SPEED MODE SHIP – 15 LF3’s and 15 GEN-7900’s DRONES – 4 LF3’s, 12 BO2’s If you have extra drones – add LF3’s

Configuration #2 – TANK MODE SHIP – 15 LF3’s and 7 GEN-7900’s, 8 BO2’s DRONES – 16 BO2’s If you have extra drones – add BO2’s

For each level do the following:

As soon as some of the aliens spawn, use configuration #1 and pick off some single ones. Once they start to bunch together around your position, change to Configuration #2, target one and start detonating your PET. Keep detonating your pet as fast as the cool-down time allows. The aliens will either die or move to the upper left corner of the map or the lower right corner of the map. Let them go. Keep detonating your PET until all the npc’s are dead or in the corners.

The PET's have a cool-down time. You have to figure this into completing the galaxy gate successfully. You can either run from the aliens while your PET repairs OR you can pick off aliens with your weapons, kite them, and keep moving until your PET cool-down time is complete, then fire the kamikaze again.

If your TANK Configuration takes too much damage, switch to Configuration #1 and run toward the upper right or lower left corner and repair. Have a couple of Battle Bots ready in case you need to repair your hit points quickly. Repair both configurations. Once you are repaired, switch back to Configuration #2 and resume detonating your PET. Keep detonating your PET until all the npc’s are dead or in the corners.  Once they are dead or in the corners, do a full repair and go to the corners and finish them off. Collect the cargo if you are interested.

HINT: There will be a lot of cargo in the corners and easy to pick up.

HINT: There are a LOT of Small Kristallants (80 of them). While each one doesn't hit you hard, 80 of them together cause a lot of damage. You will have to detonate your kamikaze several times before some of them start to move to a corner. The trick is to detonate the kamikaze, repair, detonate, repair - repeat until they start to move toward a corner. At that point you know you are getting close to finishing them off.

HINT: Try not to "overrun" the NPC's with your PET. Once you start the kamikaze firing sequence there is a few second delay before the PET actually explodes. If the NPC's move while the PET is standing still trying to detonate, it might explode but be next to NO NPC's. If the kamikaze is not close to any NPC's, it will cause them no damage. Wait until the NPC's stop moving, target one of the NPC's and fire, and mouse click on kamikaze. Don't move your ship. The PET will center over the targeted NPC and eventually explode. The down-side to this is that your ship is going to take some damage while it just sits there waiting for the PET to detonate. Watch you shields and hit points so you don't get killed.

HINT: Some pilots just put ALL their shields on both configurations of their ship and sit in one spot and detonate their PET. The danger to this is that sometimes your PET “jams” up, either the PET repairs itself too completely to detonate, or the PET part of the program lags and it doesn't detonate. If that happens, and you have NO SPEED, you are not going to be able to outrun the npc’s to do a repair.

HINT: If your pet repairs too completely, so it won't detonate, you need to fire single rockets at it to make it detonate. Then you can use the Kamikaze again. This takes a couple of missile strikes, however, so you will need some time (and some speed to escape the npc’s while you damage your pet).

I did the ALPHA gate with a PET in about 55 minutes. I did the BETA gate in 1 hour and 45 minutes – but my Internet went down for about 40 minutes at the end of Round 9!!  I “should have” finished it off in about an hour. In both cases I spent time collecting the cargo (I hate to give up “free” credits). My PET jammed in both rounds. Once I “fixed” the PET with missiles. The second time I had to finish the round with my ship and the ammo I had on board at the time. The moral of that story is to be prepared!