Before you start any Galaxy Gate please read the GENERAL INFORMATION on how to successfully complete a galaxy gate. 

I used the following two configurations for the Epsilon Gate with the Goliath Sentinel:

Configuration 1 - SPEED - Ship - 15 lasers, 15 speed generators
                                    Drones - 4 lasers, 12 BO2's

Configuration 2 - TANK - Ship - 15 lasers, 6 speed gen's, 9 BO2's
                                 Drones - 16 BO2's

If you have an Apis Drone, add 2 lasers to the Drone Total.
If you have a Zeus Drone, add another 2 lasers to the Drone Total.

I also used my PET in Guard Mode (Level 12 - 7 lasers / 13 BO2's)

• 2. Wave: 
- 5 Vagrant
- 5 Marauder
- 7 Vagrant

• 3. Wave: 
- 5 Marauder
- 6 Outcast
- 3 Outcast

Technique for all 11 (eleven!!) waves:

1. Use Configuration 1 when you first jump to the map, then immediately travel to far left side of the map. Lock and fire on first npc you can find. Shoot until it dies or moves to a corner of map. If it moves to corner of map don't worry about it, it will NOT repair itself. You can come back later and finish it off. The npc's go to the upper left or lower right corners only.

2. Once the npc's start to bunch up, switch to configuration 2, lock on closest npc, and move toward bottom right map corner of map. Kite the npc’s (let them follow you) - keep firing at closest npc until it dies or moves to a corner.

3.  In Wave 1, the first npc attack is by 5 Vagrant's. Kill or send to corner as many as possible before the arrival of the second wave of 5 Vagrants.

4.  Move diagonally from the lower right map corner to the upper left corner, kiting and shooting the npc's as you move. Eventually a third wave of 6 Vagrants will be released.

5.  Keep kiting them, moving diagonally back and forth on the map, and shooting the npc's.

6.  If you take a lot of damage, switch to Configuration 1 and use your speed to outrun the pack so you can repair.

7.  Once all the npc's have been killed or move to a corner do a complete repair. Then go to upper left and lower right corners to finish off the wounded npc's.

8.  If you are so inclined, pick up the cargo left behind. It is the easiest to pick up when they are killed in the corners.

I used 3 battle bots to rebuild hit points. I did not get killed.

The gate took me 1 hour and 56 minutes to complete, and I didn't rush through it. I used approximately 50,000 rounds of laser ammo - 3x, RSB and SAB. I used around 1,500 rockets - 2021's, 3030's and UBER's. I used around 1,000 Promerium rocks and 2,000 Seprom. I was saving my Seprom in case the bigger npc's were really strong - they were not.

Here are the kinds and number of npc's in each wave, and the order in which they appear within each wave:

• 6. Wave: 
- 4 Corsair
- 6 Outcast
- 5 Hooligan - hits 7 - 10K

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Hooligan (My PET is set up for kamikaze
mode - only one LF-1 laser)

• 4. Wave: 
- 5 Marauder
- 6 Outcast
- 6 Outcast

• 5. Wave: 
- 6 Outcast
- 5 Corsair
- 4 Corsair


Epsilon Galaxy Gate

PET in Guard Mode

• 10. Wave: 
- 4 Convict

11. Wave: 
- 5 Ravager
- 6 Convict

NOTE:  After you have completed the entire gate you will not see the portals for EXIT and reward, you will receive direct rewards after you destroyed the last NPC! It takes a few seconds for the rewards to show at the top of your map. After the rewards are shown, then your pet disappears and then you are deposited back at 3-1 base.

Epsilon Reward: (only for GG, this includes the 10% EP booster)
5,500,000 EXP
150,000 Honor
25,000 Uridium
20,000 (UCB-100)
10 Log disks
5 Booty-Keys 
I also was lucky enough to get an LF4 as a reward, there is a 25% chance of winning one with this gate.

I was not able to pick up all the cargo, but got perhaps 70% of it.

TOTAL REWARDS for everything (including NPC kills). I had EP and Honor boosters.

EP = 11,414,139
Honor = 261,970
Credits = 17,914,070
Uridium = 29,941 
Xenomit = 2042 Xenomit collected
Seprom = 500 Seprom collected (approximately)

I used up the following:

64,096 rounds of laser ammo (x3, x4 and RSB)
1,281 PLT-2021 rockets
Approximately 1,200 UBR rockets

Epsilon Galaxy Gate


• 7. Wave: 
- 5 Corsair
- 5 Hooligan
- 4 Hooligan

• 8. Wave: 
- 6 Hooligan
- 4 Hooligan
- 4 Ravager - hits 10 - 17K

Corsair - Hitting Gray~Hawk at 7.8K

• 9. Wave: 
- 5 Hooligan
- 6 Ravager - hits 15 - 20K
- 3 Convict - hits 10 - 25K

• 1. Wave: 
- 5 Vagrant - they come at you first
- 5 Vagrant - they come in a second wave
- 6 Vagrant - they come in a third wave