Refining Galactonite

12. If you have more rocks to refine, go back to Step 5 above and keep repeating the refining process. If you have enough rocks, eventually the Progress bar will show 100% (see screen shot below, in the orange oval). Once you reach 100% the software will not allow you to salvage any further rocks (because you don't need to, you've salvaged enough to reach 100%). Your next step is to FINISH the refining process. Click the green REFINE button (in the yellow oval). This will cost you a small amount of Galactonite Energy, in this case it's 30 units.,

7. On your screen you will see something like the screen shot below. It shows the rock you want to SALVAGE (use up) on the RIGHT, and the rock you want to BUILD UP on the LEFT. It also shows you want the PROGRESS will be after the SALVAGE (in the YELLOW oval - (in this case 20%). Your next step is to press the SALVAGE button (in orange oval).

13. once you press the REFINE button, you will be given your new R-2 rock!. With it you can unload it back into storage (see step 10 above) OR you can continue to salvage other r-1 and R-2 rocks you have to start the process of changing this into an R-3 rock.

11. If you decide to unload it, in storage you will see your upgraded rock (in orange circle below). NOTICE that the box is partially shaded in purple (about 20% shaded in). The purple is a color code to remind you that that rock has been partially upgraded to level 2.

Galactonite Rocks come with different "RANK" values. R-1 is the weakest, R-2 the next strongest, etc. The larger the "R" number the more power the rock can possess. You can increase the R value of a rock through a process of refining. Refining allows you to turn a R-1 rock into a R-2 rock, OR of an R-3 rock into an R-5 rock. Basically, what you do is "refine," for example,, a number of R-1 rocks (one at a time) and eventually turn them into and R-2 rock. What follows is HOW to refine Galactonite.

Refining Galactonite

​1) In this example, I will START to turn two R-1 Strike rocks (red triangular rocks in the screen shot below) into one R-2 Strike rock. Go to the Galactonite Center from the HOME screen and click on LABORATORY. I suggest you use two rocks you really don't care about just in case you make a mistake. I suggest you start with two R-1 rocks to see how the process works. So, in my example below, I'm going to use the two R-1 red Strike rocks.

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10. Once you've increased the level of a rock, you can "unload" from the refiner. Click on the rock that you just increased the percentage on. This will open the screen you see below and you can click on the UNLOAD button to take the rock out of the refinery and place it back in your storage. See the orange oval below.

3. Click on the large hexagonal shaped portal on the LEFT (circled in orange). This is where you will place the rock you wish to UPGRADE from R-1 to R-2.

2.  While in the Galactonite Center, click on the GALACTONITE navigation button toward the top of the screen. You will see "something" similar to the screen shot below. Mouse click on the REFINE button (circled in orange) shown below).

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9. The next screen shot below shows my 20% Progress in changing my R-1 Strike to an R-2.  In my example, I now have an R-1 Strike stone that has reached 20% progress in refining. Each R-1 refined stone yields 20% of the progress toward an R-2 stone. Thus it takes five R-1 stones to make one R-2 stone. (Sometimes you will get a "bonus" and instead of making 20% bonus you will make double that, or a 40% progress jump. )

Each level is different. For example, it takes seven R-2 stones to make one R-3 stone. This makes it difficult  to use all R-1 stones to make one R-3 stone. You will need FIVE R-1 stones to make ONE R-2 stone. You will need SEVEN R-2 stones to make one R-3 stone. Doing the math (5 R-1 stones TIMES 7 R-2 stones EQUALS 35), you will need 35 R-1 stones to make one R-3 stone.

My suggestion is to use R-1 stones to make R-2 stones. Use R-2 stones to make R-3 stones, etc. It takes 12 R-3 stones to make an R-4 stone. If you wanted to build an R-4 stone out of R-1 stones, you would have to have (5 x 7 x 12) = 420 R-1 stones to make ONE R-4 stone.

HINT: The game does give newer players an advantage. Anyone can change R-1 to R-2 rocks, or R-2 rocks to R-3 rocks ANY NUMBER OF TIMES DURING A DAY. This allows newer players to reach the R-3 rock levels rather quickly. HOWEVER, you one can ONLY change R-3 rocks to R-4 rocks (or R-4 to R-5, etc.) ONE TIME PER DAY!

8.  You will receive a small amount of Galactonite  Energy from the breakdown of the rock on the right.

HINT 1: This refining process works really well with R-3 and lower level rocks because you can do an unlimited number during any given day. You also get a small amount of Galactonite Energy with each refine.

HINT 2: As you play the game, you will start to accumulate R-4 rocks. It's good to keep an extra R-4 rocks to eventually build into R-5 rocks. It takes around 11 R-4 rocks to make an R-5. There are some rocks that seem to be harder to accumulate than others. I have had a hard time accumulating R-5 Starocean rocks  (a dark green rock). I have, over time, accumulated enough R-4 Starocean rocks to make several R-5's. It takes a lot of time and patience and planning ... but it can be done.

4. If necessary, scroll down your stored rocks to find the rock you wish to INCREASE in rank. Click on that rock. In this case it's either of the Level 1, R-1 red strike rocks. Once you chose a rock to upgrade, you will see a screen display similar to the one below. The R-1 Rock I wish to change is on the left of the "Choose" selection (red, triangle shaped), the rock I wish it to eventually turn into (Strike R-2) is on the right. A gold colored arrow separates the two, showing that you wish to chose to change the R-1 Strike into a R-2 Strike. (NOTE 1: you can only upgrade rocks of the same type.) (NOTE 2: You can change, say, an R-1directly into an R-3 -- but it takes a LOT of R-1 rocks to make that happen.)

​If you have made the correct selection, Click on the CHOOSE button.

6. you will be given choices as to which rock you wish to SALVAGE. In my example below, I only have one rock to chose from. If you have multiple rocks, you can click on the exact rock you wish to use. Once you have the correct rock selected, click on the CHOOSE button.

5. You will see a screen similar to the one below. The rock you selected to upgrade is in the portal on the RIGHT hand side. Next, click on the LEFT portal (circled in orange below).