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Wave 4

5 Boss Sibelonit
5 Corsair
5 Scorcher


Wave 8
6 Kucurbium
8 UberSaimon

Hooligan (Yes, my PET hits weak.  It is set up for the
kamakazi, I only have one laser in it [the LF-1].)

Wave 5

4 Hooligan
5 Kristallin
4 Melter

Century Falcon

Wave 6
8 Interceptor
6 Barracuda
3 Annihilator - Typically found on the Pirate Maps. The Galaxy Gate versions do NOT have the Hellfire missles!

Wave 7
6 Boss Lordakium
8 Protegit
2 Boss Sibelon

 Surprisingly, this was the hardest wave. The 6 Boss Lordakium are hard to kill and hit pretty hard (I think they are the same as on map 3-5). Before you tackle this galaxy gate, practice popping a few Boss Lordakium on map 3-5 to get a feel for how strong they are (remember, you will be facing 6 of them).

HINT: The Boss Lordakium are moderately fast. As a minimum you should have 7 speed generators (on a Goliath) to barely outrun them. If you use the configurations I suggested you can outrun them, and repair, using either configuration.

Wave 1
10 Streuner
10 Vagrant
10 Infernal

Wave 9
5 Convict - as you can see from the screen shot below, the Convict hits at around 10K.
5 Boss Kristallin
1 DemaNeR

Before you start any Galaxy Gate please read the GENERAL INFORMATION on how to successfully complete a galaxy gate.

1 Boss Kucurbium

HINT: This is NOT the Boss Kucurbium that you find in the Invasion Gate (whew!!). It does hit at 37K however, so treat it with some respect.

HINT: It carried more cargo than I could collect. (I was refining as I was going, I was not using the automatic refining. I am trying to recreate the most typical configuration of a ship doing this gate.) IF you have automatic refining (Premium players) and are collecting, make sure you have automatic refining on for this round.



Wave 3
6 Outcast
6 Devolarium
3 Icy

Kappa Gate 
Using Pet in Guard Mode

Kappa Galaxy Gate

I used the following 2 configurations for the entire gate.

1. Speed 
Ship:  15 G3N-7900 Speed Engines, 15 LF3 lasers.
Drones:  4 LF3 lasers, 12 BO2 Shields 
If you have the Apis and/or Zeus Drones – Add 2 BO’s on Apis and 2 FE3’s on Zeus.
Pet in Guard Mode.

2. Slow Tank
Ship:  7 G3N-7900 Speed Engines, 8 BO2 Shields, 15 LF3 lasers.
Drones:  16 BO2 Shields 
If you have the Apis and/or Zeus Drones – Add 2 BO’s on Apis and 2 FE3’s on Zeus.
Pet in Guard Mode.

3. PET - I had my PET out but in Guard Mode so it would get the PET EP. I did not use the PET so I could get a good feeling for how strong the aliens were. NOTE: I only have one weak laser in my PET [the LF-1]. I only use the PET for kamikaze attacks, and that only works if you remove all shields and have only 1 weak laser in it.)

Here are the 11 waves of aliens in the Kappa Galaxy Gate:

Wave 2
6 Marauder
7 Scorcher
8 Boss Mordon


After you have completed the gate you will not see the portals for EXIT and reward, so you will receive direct rewards after you destroyed the last NPC!  You may have to wait a few seconds for the awards to be printed on your screen. After that you will be returned to the 3-1 base.

357,500 Honor
9,000,000 EP
15,000 Uri
10 Logdisks
30,000 UCB-100
5 Bootie Keys
450,000 Pet EP
1 Title: All Stars

25% Chance for drone design Hercules
25% Chance for Kappa_BO1 (5h) [Booster 5% DMG + 5% SHD + 5 % EP]
25% Chance for LF4 
25% Chance - nothing

NPC REWARDS (for killing all the NPC's)
23,712 Honor
5,355,300 EP
46,007.000 Cr.
16,834 Uri
256,857 Pet EP
1,037 Xenomit
56 Seprom

Here are the resources that I used to complete the Kappa Gate:
41,638 Seprom on lasers
1,384 Seprom on rockets

1,321 PLT-2021 rockets
63 BDR-1211 rockets (Birthday rockets, you cannot buy them, DO gave them out as birthday presents)
1,350 UBR-100 rockets

35,169 rounds of x3 laser ammo
1,990 rounds of SAB laser ammo
6,257 rounds of RSB laser ammo 

It took me around1 hour and 50 minutes to complete. I was not in a rush to finish it. I collected as much cargo as possible and sold it several times during the galaxy gate. I got killed once because I lost internet connection.

Galaxy Gate Extra Energy Spins
It took me, on average, 2,100 galaxy gate extra energy spins to complete the Kappa Gate. 

Wave 11
1 Century Falcon

HINT: This is NOT the Century Falcon in the Outfit Gate. It hits about 24K which is a LOT weaker than it's Outfit "Cousin."

Boss Kucurbium




2 Infernals

Kappa Galaxy Gate Map