General Hints For Successful Completion of Galaxy Gates

Before you start a Galaxy Gate there are some things that you can do to maximize your chances of success.  On your map page, mouse click on the SETTNGS (wrench) and select INTERFACE and then turn OFF the following: show player names, show bonus boxes, show drones, display game performance messages and show chat. Mouse click the SAVE button. Then under SOUND – turn off Play Music.

HINT: The more things you can turn off, the less lag you will have. HOWEVER, do not turn off things you may want to use (like collecting the cargo boxes), and the sound effects (if, like me, you like to hear the explosions and other sounds as they make the game fun, and in some cases help you play the game).

The Alpha Galaxy Gate

HINT: Check you ammo to make sure you have enough, make sure you are ready with the ammo that you want to start with.

HINT: Check your minerals in the ship to make sure you are loaded up with minerals you want on your generators and weapons.

HINT: If you want to buy boosters to help you out, now is the time. Useful ones are the Damage, Shield, Repair and Shield Recharge Boosters. If you want an additional 10% of EP when you do a Gate, buy the Experience Booster. If you want an additional 10% Honor, buy the Honor Booster

HINT: If you want even MORE EP and have the Veteran Goliath, that will give you an additional 10% EP. The Exalted gives an extra 10% Honor.

HINT: If you want even more EP or Honor, wait until Dark Orbit offers the 50% EP or 50% Honor Booster.

HIINT: You can combine these together. The 10% EP Veteran Goliath, with a 10% EP booster and a 50% EP booster results in 70% of extra EP. On Galaxy Gate A, which has a reward of 4 million EP, another 70% will give you an additional 2.8 million EP … or a total of 6.8 million EP.

Completing Galaxy Gates Alpha, Beta and Gamma

The directions are the same for each galaxy gate; the amount of time and ammo will change for each gate.

The following information assumes you have a Goliath, 8 drones, and no PET. Galaxy Gates can be done with an FE Vengi and other ships; you just have to make modifications to these directions to fit your ship.

HINT:  When you start the galaxy gate process, you will be at the base on map 3-1 and a “new” gate will appear near the base. You will see it on your mini-map.  Only you can see it on the 3-1map. Move your ship to the gate and jump into the new gate just like always (J key). You will enter into a new map.

HINT: Once you enter a GG map from the 3-1 base, a 15 second countdown timer starts – then the aliens start to appear.

HINT: Once you successfully complete a gate, the gate map you are on will show two gates. They are located in the dead center of the battle map – you can find them on the mini-map and the regular map. The one on the left looks like the GG you just jumped through, it takes you to the next round. The gate on the right takes you back to 3-1 where you can go to the base, buy more ammo if necessary, sell your cargo, go to the bathroom, read up on the next round, log off until later, etc.

HINT: Once you complete a wave, and return to the 3-1 base, you can even log off if you need to. The galaxy gate will still be there when you log back in.

HINT: If you have the courage, before starting the LAST wave of any galaxy gate, consider switching your ship to the Veteran. This ship gives you an extra 10% of EP. Because the rewards are so large for completing a galaxy gate, the extra 10% can make a huge difference.

HINT: When you finally get all the pieces for a gate, like the Alpha gate, as soon as possible "attack and finish that gate." You should get 3 - 4 Alpha gates built and finished before your Gamma gate gets built ONE TIME. (There are only 34 Alpha pieces to collect, but there are 82 Gamma pieces.)

HINT: If you have a goliath, but not the Veteran, you can usually buy one in the TRADE. These ships usually go very cheaply, I have gotten several for a bid of 12,345 credits!!

Galaxy Gate General Information

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