I play with a combination of credits and Iridium and have, in the past, spent quite a bit of real money on the game. To my way of thinking, if it wasn't for the "wallet warriors" Big Point would not make any money on the game. If Big Point made no money, the game would either fold up or be so encumbered with advertisements that it would cease to be fun. That being said, I tried not to be crazy with my expenditures, and I tried to use my Uridium smartly. If I could win something in bidding I always tried that first.

There are many people that play the game for free and throughly enjoy the game. This is possible to do as long as one remembers that there will be equipment you may never be able to afford, or, at the very least, will take you a LONG time to achieve by boxing and killing NPC's. If you have patience, and don't need to be the best equipped player on the map, this game can be fulfilling and fun to play.

HINT: During a "Mega" you will receive 3 TIMES the normal amount of Uridium for your purchase. If you buy 330,000 Uridium for $99.99, you will actually receive 990,000 Uridium.

HINT: Don't be confused by a HAPPY HOUR, where you "only" get 2 times the Uridium for your money. 

HINT: If you play the game a lot, and use real money, I suggest that you consider buying one of the "Premium" upgrades that are available in the Uridium section. It looks like the following. NOTE what comes in the upgrade.


HINT: If you are going to buy Uridium, try to buy it during a MEGA HAPPY HOUR. These usually happen about twice a week, are unannounced, and occur on different days at different times. There is usually one on the weekend, USUALLY either Saturday or Sunday evenings sometime between 4pm - 9pm Eastern Time (on the USA East 1 server). If you are playing the game, there is an announcement on your map that it is MEGA HAPPY HOUR.

If you log in during a Mega Happy Hour, you will see this:

HINT: The Premium membership gives you a big advantage in a lot of areas. If you are a hunter, free ship and pet repairs, 50% off drone repairs, faster individual rocket attacks and faster repair bots are a real advantage. If you are a cargo hunter, you get "room" on your ship for 500 additional rocks and automatic rock refining on your ship. (For those of you that collect a lot of cargo, the automatic refining is a HUGE time saver.)

HINT: A normal Goliath can hold 1,500 rocks. If you are a Premium member you will be able to hold an additional 500 rocks, for a total of 2,000. If you have the 2x Cargo Compressor, you can hold 2,000 rocks TIMES 2 ... or 4,000 rocks. This is also a time saver from going back and forth to the base to sell.

SUPER HINT: Premium members can also send rocks to and from their Skylab in a MUCH SHORTER TIME. If you are not a Premium member, it takes 6 hours to send 3,000 Seprom from Skylab to your ship. If you are a Premium member it takes only 3 hours!! The time is cut in HALF for Premium members. This, plus the increased storage space, is huge if you sell Promerium and have to move it from your Skylab to your ship.

HINT: There is a BALANCE button on the URIDIUM page. Mouse click on it to see all of your income and expenses in both credits and Uridium. See the screen shot below, the BALANCE button is in the red oval.

There are two monetary systems in the Dark Orbit game. One is based on "credits" that you can earn by doing various tasks in the game, the other is based on "Uridium" which is a monetary system that you spend REAL MONEY on to accumulate. 

HINT: Some pilots only play the game for free, they spend none of their own money on the game. Playing only with credits makes the game is more challenging to be successful, and it takes longer to power up your ship. There are some things that credits cannot buy - a PET, certain weapons, certain ships, etc. For some hints on playing free with credits pleae click here.

HINT: Some pilots play with a combination of credits and Uridium. In other words they use some of their own REAL MONEY to buy Uridium to help them level up faster, but also use their credits to buy or bid on other items.

HINT: Some pilots spend LOTS of their own real money on the game. Pilots use Uridium, for example, to buy log disks. These can be traded for Pilot Points, which strengthen your ship and can increase the rewards of your playing. It is slow to accumulate log disks, especially when you need over 900 of them, for example, to get your 38th Pilot Point. 900 logs disks at 300 Uridium each are expensive, costing 270,000 Uridium for that 38th Pilot Point.

HINT: How you want to play the game is your business and depends on your own circumstances. 

HINT: Pilots that spend their own money on Uridium are sometimes referred to was Wallet Warriors

HINT: The game does not allow you to give anyone Uridium or credits. The exception being the taxes you may pay to the clan. However, DO NOT BE SCAMMED into giving ANYONE access to your ship. Do NOT give anyone your password or permission to use your ship. If someone offers you some "deal" or a way to "get free Uridium" - BEWARE. Talk to your clan leader, or Dark Orbit Support, before you do anything that "seems too good to be true.

HINT: Buying Uridium is a straightforward process. You need a credit card, a gift card or can buy some using you cell phone.

HINT: If you buy Uridium, make a screen shot of the "receipt" that you get from Dark Orbit. It has a Transaction ID number on it. If your purchase gets goofed up, having the Transaction number will save you a lot of grief. The Transaction ID is circled in green below.

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