The Lambda Galaxy Gate in 3-1

Lambda Gate 
Using Pet in Auto Looter Mode

Before you start any Galaxy Gate please read the  GENERAL INFORMATION on how to successfully complete a galaxy gate.

I used the following 2 configurations for the entire gate.

1. Speed 
Ship:  15 G3N-7900 Speed Engines, 15 LF3 lasers.
Drones:  4 LF3 lasers, 12 BO2 Shields 
If you have the Apis and/or Zeus Drones – Add 2 BO’s on Apis and 2 FE3’s on Zeus.
Pet in Guard Mode.

2. Slow Tank
Ship:  7 G3N-7900 Speed Engines, 8 BO2 Shields, 15 LF3 lasers.
Drones:  16 BO2 Shields 
If you have the Apis and/or Zeus Drones – Add 2 BO’s on Apis and 2 FE3’s on Zeus.
Pet in Guard Mode.

3. PET - I had my PET out but in Auto Looter Mode so it would get the PET EP and have it pick up all the NPC cargo. I did not use the PET kamikaze so I could get a good feeling for how strong the aliens were. NOTE: I only have one weak laser in my PET [the LF-1]. I only use the PET for kamikaze attacks, and that only works if you remove all shields and have only 1 weak laser in it.

Here are the 7 waves of aliens in the Kappa Galaxy Gate. The NPC's are exactly the same as the ones you find on the Dark Orbit maps.

Wave 1
10 Boss Streuner
10 Boss Lordakia
10 Boss Lordakia

Wave 2
6 Boss Mordon
7 Boss Saimon
7 Boss Saimon

Wave 3
2 Boss Devolarium
6 Boss Sibelonit
2 Boss Devolarium

Wave 4

5 Boss Sibelonit
1 Boss Sibelon
5 Boss Sibelonit

While it looks easy enough when fighting NPC's 1 vs 1, it can get messy if you are
not careful. Here I am being hit by 2 Boss Sibelonit's and one Boss Sibelon -
and taking 23.7K damage. To avoid this, clump the NPC's together and "kite" them.

Boss Kristallion's hit around 17 - 20K.

Wave 7
2 Boss Kristallon
10 Boss Kristallin
10 Boss Kristallin

HINT: The Boss Kristallin (Little K's) are moderately fast. Make sure you have all your speed generators on board. If you use the configurations I suggested you can outrun them, and repair using the speed configuration, kill them with the tank configuration..

Experience = 2,750,000
Honor = 100,000
15,000 Uridium
10,000 ×4 ammo
5 booty keys
3 log files 
Title: Boss of Bosses

Here are the resources that I used to complete the LAMBDA Gate:
Lasers - seprom used = 30,142
Rockets - seprom used = 1097

UBR-100 rockets used = 915
PLT-2021 rockets used = 1097

x3 ammo used = 28,205
SAB ammo used = 1464
RSB ammo used = 464

TOTAL Rewards from all sources

TOTL EP gained = 6,336,000 (from GG reward, NPC rewards and EP Booster on ship)
TOTAL honor gained = 113,826 (from GG reward and NPC reward)
TOTAL credits gained = 12,680,200 (from NPC rewards and from cargo collected and sold)
TOTAL Uridium gained = 21,700 (from GG reward and NPC rewards)

I ended up with 1,225 Promerium rocks that my ship refined from all the NPC's that I killed and cargo collected.


It took me around 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete the first time, 1 hour and 15 minutes the second time and 39 minutes to complete it the 3rd time. I was not in a rush to finish it (except the 3rd time where I used x4 and RSB ammo). I got killed once because of lag. HINT: Don't do a Galaxy Gate when Dark Orbit is doing a special like Capture The Beacon. The lag is terrible. I also took a few extra minutes between two of the levels to destroy 2 EIC ships that invaded our 3-1 Base and were trying to intimidate VRU pilots. LOL!!

To Build This Gate From Scratch

To build a Lambda Galaxy Gate from scratch takes, on average, around 900 "extra energy" galaxy gate spins. 

Wave 5
1 Boss Lordakium
10 Boss Lordakia
2 Boss Lordakium

Boss Lordarkium's hit around 15K.

Wave 6
6 Boss Kristallin
6 Boss Kristallin
1 Boss Kristallon

Boss Sibelonit - just like on map 3-5. As you can see, it hits about 3.5K.

The Lambda Galaxy Gate Battle Map

The Lambda Galaxy Gate ready to go

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